Chapters may be organized where there is an interest in the National Society.  A written application to organize a chapter shall be made to the Organizing Secretary General, who in turn presents the application to the National Board for approval.  The Organizing Secretary General, with the consent of the President General, shall appoint the Organizing Regent who shall be a Member at Large in good standing.  Once appointed, the Organizing Regent has one year to form a chapter by securing seven additional members by transfer within the Society or by new application as members of the Society.

Currently the National Society has chapters in the following locations:



  • Wesley Templeton Chapter
        Boulder/Golden, Colorado - Chartered March 26, 2014
             Gina Moore, Regent
  • Glorieta Pass Chapter
    Loveland, Colorado - Chartered November 4, 2015
              Jody Klein, Regent



  • Kellogg-Atwater Chapter
        Hartford, Connecticut - Chartered July 26, 2015
              Linda Wallace, Regent


  • Brigadier General Truman Seymour Chapter
        The Villages, FLorida - Chartered February 23, 2015
              Margaret "Peggie" Christie, Regent
  • Amos P. Carr Chapter 
         Orlando, Florida - Chartered February 24, 2018
              Sylvia Link, Organizing Regent



  • Robert Martin Fox Chapter
        Atlanta, Georgia - Chartered March 24, 2007
              Susan Yatsinko, Regent 



  • John Butler Chapter
        Burr Ridge, Illinois - Chartered October 19, 1996
    Jennifer Warner, Regent
              web site:
  • Col. Frederick A. Bartleson Chapter
        Joliet, Illinois -Chartered May 19, 2006
               Linda May Pennybaker Poole, Regent

  • Gen. John A. Logan Chapter
         Mt. Vernon, IL - Chartered May 19, 2006
    Barbara Elaine Tedrow Cairel, Regent
  • General William P. Carlin Chapter
        Quincy, Illinois - Chartered May 17, 2008
              Carrie Lynn Sturgill, Regent        

  • Col. William Hoffman Chapter
        East Moline, Illinois - Chartered November 22, 2008
              Catherine Mader Humphrey, Regent



  • Gov. Oliver Perry Morton Chapter
        Indianapolis, Indiana - Chartered March 28, 1917
              Janice Bolinger, Regent



  • Cyrus Grable Chapter
        Louisville, Kentucky - Chartered December 1, 1956
              Terry Lynn Pyles, Regent
              8106 Meadowgreen Place
              Louisville, KY 40299
  • Dean-Parker Chapter
        Lexington, Kentucky - Chartered July 26, 1988
              Sharon Mayne Withers, Regent 
  • Levi Worster Chapter
        Edgewood, Kentucky - Chartered November 6, 1994
              Marjorie Ann Yerges Smith, Regent
              107 West Hill Lane
              Wyoming, OH 45215-3832

  •  Brig.Gen. Eli Huston Murray Chapter 
        Owensboro, Kentucky - Chartered March 31, 2012
              Molly Lou Rhodes Hall, Regent
  • Battle of Mill Springs Chapter
        Jamestown, Kentucky - Chartered April 3, 2016
              Mary Donna Foley, Regent


  • Brigadier General Joshua Chamberlain Chapter
        Bucksport, Maine - Chartered July 11, 2014
             Laura Kwon, Regent



  • Sgt William H Carney 
        Boston, Massachusettts - Chartered July 13. 2019
             Mary Tedesco, Organizing Regent



  • Lt. Edwin Terry Carrington Chapter
        Flint, Michigan - Chartered May 8, 1955
              Vesta DeRiso, Regent    

  • Wilbur Thomas Lanphierd Chapter
        Midland, Michigan - Chartered June 8, 1972
              Susan Moritz, Regent

  • Hannibal Farrell Chapter
        Dearborn, Michigan - Chartered September 12, 1973
              Joann Jean Arcand Mulso, Regent

              web site   
  • Henry S. Jenks Chapter
        Grand Rapids, Michigan - Chartered November 17, 2001
              Kay McVety, Regent  


  • DeWitt Clinton Jones Chapter
        St. Louis, Missouri - Chartered July 30, 2005
             Margaret Long Carr, Regent


  • Pvt. Joseph Bessette Chapter
         Butler, New Jersey - Chartered April 30, 2016
              Wendy Wyman, Regent
  • Clara Barton Chapter 
         Somers Point, New Jersey - Chartered April 18, 2020
              Rosemary Wallace, Organizing Regent


  • Samuel West Chapter
        Dayton, Ohio - Chartered October 7, 2006 
              Roxanne Hemmelgarn, Regent



  • Twin Mounds Chapter
        Stillwater, Oklahoma - Chartered October 17, 1998
              Dondee Ann Boswell Klein, Regent 



  • Battle of Port Royal Sound Chapter 
         Bluffton, South Carolina - Chartered November 07, 2020
                Mary Williamson, Organizing Regent



  • Andrew Jackson Penny Chapter
        Chattanooga, Tennessee - Chartered March 16, 2010
              Laura Bandy Bales, Regent
  • Julia Ann Marcum Chapter
        Cookeville, Tennessee - Chartered October 23, 2015
              Cindy Waters, Regent 


  • Fort Douglas Chapter 
        Salt Lake City, Utah - Chartered March 23, 2013
              Sandra Ball, Regent 


  •  White Oak Chapter (Organizing)
    Fredericksburg, Virginia
                Alicia Hilmer, Organizing Regent


  • Iron Brigade Chapter 
         Green Bay, Wisconsin - Chartered July 14, 2012
              Lara Shannon Grant, Regent


Don't see a chapter in your area?

If you want to be a part of our organization and don't see a chapter near you, becoming a member-at-large is an option - or you could start a new chapter in your community.

Our Organizing Secretary General, will be most happy to assist you.  Make her day by contacting her at OSG or give her a ring at 860-923-9052.  



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