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Membership Requirements

Membership is open to any woman eighteen years of age or over provided she is a direct lineal or collateral descendant of a man or woman who rendered military or civil service to the Union during the years 1861-1865.  Legal adoption shall not qualify for lineal or collateral descent.  Documentary proof of the ancestor's service in one the following categories is necessary for admission into the Society:

  • Served honorably in the Union Army or Navy.  A military or pension record from the National. Archives or honorable discharge certificate is required, when available.
  • Served in a pro-Union county or state militia or home guard.
  • Served as a civilian employee of Union forces.
  • Rendered material aid, medical attention, or comfort to Union forces.
  • Served as a member of President Lincoln's cabinet.
  • Served as an employee of the Federal government.
  • Suffered the loss of personal property or personal liberty due to unfailing allegiance to the Union.

Junior membership is open to any female child under eighteen years of age who meets the eligibility requirements above.
Membership can be through a Chapter of the National Society or At Large.

Application Instructions

Be sure to follow the instructions above when filling out your application form below.

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